Technician Visit Service Fee


Hands-on-heart, we do not want you to order this service. But I am sure that you know how expensive the labour costs can be in NZ.

We strongly suggest you try our Support Centre or contact our service team first to see if there’s another way to solve your issue before requesting a technician visit.


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Tried all the methods listed in the Support Centre but still having problems? In some circumstances, customers may require a technician from the Local Fibre Company (Chorus, Enable, UltraFastFibre and NorthPower) to visit their home or local network exchange facility to run tests or diagnosis.

A standard fee of $129 is required to cover the cost of the truck roll, time, labour, materials and other related costs from the Local Fibre Company.

Please note that this does not include any additional charges for repairing the damaged Customer Premises Equipment and network connections.


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