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There was a group of enthusiastic young Kiwis who were among the best in the industry and they shared the same belief: the existing broadband options in the market were too complex for normal households to choose, and Kiwis deserve a better &simpler broadband experience.

Here comes the birth of the best priced &simplest broadband provider in NZ — HotShot Unlimited.

Our plans are simple: we only offer fibre and we don’t lock you in. We know our customers choose to stay with us because they get great broadband at an even better price. In case some unexpected happened and you have to leave for some reason, that’s ok. We have all been there. That’s why we don’t need you to give us unreasonably long notice period. After all, we believe that only fairness goes a long way.

Kiwis have endured slow internet performance, capped data and fixed-term contracts for too long. HotShot Unlimited is committed to using the best technologies to change this and offering the best value and simplest broadband experience for Kiwis.

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