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Change is good, but it’s also costly. Fibre is made of glass and its related terminals are also very delicate devices, therefore it will require well-trained technicians to make the change for you without damaging it. If you want to move your fibre box, or how it’s installed, we can help to communicate your requirement with the fibre company and then place an order with them on your behalf.

We strongly suggest you contact our service team first to discuss your requirements before requesting a technician for relocation.


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How to relocate a fibre box and other network equipment

If you want to move or change how fibre is set up at your address or you’re renovating your home,

we can help get it sorted safely and without damaging the network.

1. Fibre box (ONT) replacement

If your fibre box (optical network terminal) is missing or damaged,

we can replace it. You should receive your new ONT within 4-8 working days.

Different ONT Models

2. Moving your fibre box (ONT)

If the location of your fibre box (ONT) is inconvenient and needs to be moved during a renovation,

we can make sure this is done safely and without damaging the device.

ONT shown on wall

3. Cable relocation or underground

Cables that have been located along a fence can be moved underground.

Also current underground cables can be moved if necessary.

The cost will depend on whether you need the fibre company to dig the trench (soft surfaces only) or have dug one yourself.

ONT cable trench

4. Moving the exterior fibre box (ETP)

The exterior box for fibre can be temporarily removed if needed for renovations or recladding.

This work usually takes about four hours. External ONT on house

5. Disconnection for demolition

If you are removing a house or doing extreme renovations, you can get the fibre disconnected.

This will ensure records are correct and setting up a new service in the future is easier. Old House

A standard fee of $450 (GST included) is required to cover the cost of the truck roll, time, labour, materials and other related costs from the Local Fibre Company.

Please note that this does not include any additional charges for repairing the damaged Customer Premises Equipment and network connections.


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