Eufy EufyCam Solo Pro 2K


  • 2K resolution with detailed night vision
  • 120 days battery life (4 months)
  • Smart AI Human Detection differentiates between humans and objects to reduce false alerts
  • Local Storage 8GB inbuilt
  • Easy DIY Wire-Free Installation
  • IP65 Weather Proof

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Eufy Security Solo Pro 2K

SoloCam, Outdoor Security Camera, Wifi, Wireless, Wire-Free, Advanced AI Person-Detection, Two-Way Audio, 2K Resolution, 90dB Alarm, IP67 Weatherproof, No Monthly Fee.

– Every Detail Matters: See the difference with 2K resolution and keep an eye on what’s happening outside with more clarity than ever before.
– No Hidden Fees: You shouldn’t have to pay monthly fees for data storage. Solo Pro 2K ‘s 8GB of local storage holds at least 2 months’ worth of footage protected by military encryption, so your data is kept private and safe.
– Alerts That Matter: The on-device AI only notifies you when people are detected, reducing false alerts triggered by passing animals or swaying tree branches.
– 100% Wire-Free: Solo Pro 2K is completely standalone; there’s no need for HomeBase. Simply set it up and you’re good to go. And because it’s 100% wire-free, it takes just minutes to install anywhere around your home.
– All-Weather Protection: Come rain or shine, SoloCam’s IP65 weatherproof rating ensures your property is protected all-year round.

Plenty of Power

Get up to 120 days* of coverage with a single charge. That’s only 3 charges required per year.

A Clear View Day and Night

Even when the sun goes down, Solo Pro 2K sees the whole picture up to 8 meters away thanks to its infrared night vision.

Sound the Alarm

Sound the powerful 90dB siren right from your phone to scare away any unwanted guests.

Detects Approaching People

The advanced onboard AI only alerts you when a person strolls into view as opposed to pets or swaying trees.

Instant Alerts

3 seconds*. That’s all the time it takes for SoloCam to alert you when it detects someone approaching your home.

Zero Hidden Costs

Solo Pro 2K is a one-time purchase. There are no monthly fees or hidden costs. Everything is done on-device for complete security and transparency.

Make Your Voice Heard

Talk directly to anyone who approaches, even if you’re out the house, via the two way audio. Simply open up the app and start speaking.

Control with Your Voice

Use Alexa or the Google Assistant to keep tabs on Spotlight Cam 2K Pro when your hands are full, wherever you are.

*Note: Battery life may vary depending on device settings, actual usage, and environmental factors.
*Note: Actual speed may vary depending on quality of available internet / Wi-Fi.


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