Ensure the Router is connected from LAN1 on Router to GE1/LAN1 on ONT. (Unless we told you GE1/LAN1 is not the active port)

Log into the Gateway:

  1. Connect your device to the router (preferably hardwired)
  2. Open a Web Browser (Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Internet Explorer etc)
  3. In the web browsers address bar type: tplinkwifi.net or
  4. The following screen appears and you will need to set an administrator password for managing your router ** First time login only, you may have set this already**
  5. Click Let’s Get Started when you’re done.*
  6. If the default password does not work and you cannot remember the changed password, you may need to factory reset the router by hushing and holding the inset reset button for 10 seconds.

Change the Operation Mode for Fibre:

  1. Click Advanced,
  2. select Operation Mode on the left side menu,
  3. change the Operation mode to Wireless Router mode and
  4. click Save.

Add Settings for Hotshot Fibre

  1. Click Network,
  2. Select Internet
  3. Click Edit/Modify
  4. Make sure VLAN ID is NOT enabled.
  5. Click Advanced,
  6. Change MTU Size to 1492
  7. Click Save

This is the last step to get your router connected to your Fibre connection and talking to the internet. The next screens will be referring to your WiFi settings (WiFi Name, WiFi Password etc) and a summary of the configuration, these settings are up to you!

Important: Please note, VLAN tag must be disabled on your router.

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