Updated 16th Sep 2023

These terms and conditions apply in addition to our Broadband Terms and Conditions, and any other specific terms and conditions applying to your HotShot Unlimited Broadband

Access type

We will only offer you UFB at your address. Where UFB is available, we’ll offer all the UFB speed options available through HotShot Unlimited.

HotShot Unlimited Broadband is not available in all areas. Occasionally factors like the distance of our equipment from a particular site or address mean we are unable to deliver HotShot Unlimited Broadband, even where HotShot Broadband Unlimited is available in your area, however we’ll let you know if this is the case


Charging for HotShot Unlimited Broadband is on a monthly prepaid basis. Your first payment will be taken from your nominated credit or debit card on the day of your connection in accordance with the plan you have signed up with, and 7 business days prior to the date every month afterwards so that we have enought time to discuss with you if something went wrong.

If you sign up to HotShot Unlimited Broadband without contract, your monthly Plan charge will be:

– $59.9 per month for Unlimited Fibre 50

– $74.9 per month for Unlimited Fibre 300

– $84.9 per month for Unlimited Fibre Max

Notice period (termination)

You can end your plan at any time and the termination process may take up to 7 business days but you will be responsible for any charges incurred prior to the end of current billing circle.

Set Up Charge

You have the options of using your own modem or HotShot Modem. If you chose to use your own modem, you are responsible to config it to the network requirement of HotShot Unlimited Broadband. If you chose to use HotShot modem, you will incur a modem charge according to the model you chose. The connection fee of $29.5 will apply upon signup, unless otherwise waived by promotion.

Fair Use

We don’t run a Fair Use Policy on any of our HotShot Unlimited Broadband plans.

Traffic Management

No traffic management policies apply on HotShot Unlimited Broadband.

Speed Disclaimer

The Fibre speeds on HotShot Unlimited Broadband represent theoretical maximums and are subject to a large number of real-world factors, many outside of HotShot’s control, which may affect performance.

Effects On Other Services

Your broadband service requires mains power to operate. If power is not available (e.g. during an outage), your HotShot Unlimited Broadband Service may stop working.

This service does not come with a phone line. This means that services that use a landline phone line, such as some medical alerts, monitored home alarms, faxes, the interactive features of SKY digital or PABXs are incompatible with HotShot Unlimited Broadband.

Overdue Collections

HotShot reserves the right to charge you for the reasonable costs we incur in the enforcement of any rights contained in this Agreement, including any reasonable legal fees or reasonable costs incurred to collect any overdue Charges from you. These costs are payable on demand

Prices are current as at 16th Sep 2023 and are subject to change.

All prices quoted are inclusive of GST.

For more information, feel free to flick us an email.

This is a summary only. You can find the full legal terms and conditions under the Terms and Conditions page on the HotShot website.

When you sign up for HotShot Broadband, we provide a standard broadband Fibre connection. This is a one-off payment of $29.5. Our standard fee covers the cost of a Chorus, Enable, UFF or NorthPower technician coming out to connect you up or switch your line over to HotShot. It doesn’t usually require the tech to come out to your house if there was an installed ONT, however they might choose to come out just to be sure everything’s working as it should – so keep your mobile on you, just in case! There’s no charge if they decide to come out, however if you request something additional, like an extra jackpoint or some internal wiring, there will be an additional cost. They’ll let you know before they turn up on your doorstep.

Changing providers can be a bit tricky. If you’re looking to move to HotShot from another ISP (Internet Service Provider) just follow these steps to make sure your switch goes as smoothly as possible!

First you need to find out if your current ISP requires 30 days notice. If that’s the case, set your preferred connection date with HotShot for at least 30 days in the future.

If you don’t want or need to give notice just choose “ASAP”, or a connection date that works best for you. Make sure to tell us the name of your current ISP when you sign up!

When your connection date with HotShot Unlimited is confirmed we’ll flick you an email. This is the time to get in touch with your current ISP and let them know you’re leaving.

Don’t forget, it’s up to you to close your account with your current ISP and make sure they’ve stopped your billing.

It’s simple. Just type in your address in the address checker on HotShot website and we will tell you if fibre was available at your place.

We always set you up with the best connection available at your place. That’s why we only do fibre. If you couldn’t have it by now, subscribe to our news letter and we will let you know as soon as it becomes available.

When you sign up for HotShot Unlimited Broadband, we’ll hook your place up with the fastest type of connection available at the address. If you’re lucky enough to have Fibre already installed at your address, or available in your street, this means we’ll connect you up on the latest and greatest fibre Fibre network!

After you sign up at hotshot.co.nz and decided to purchase a router from us, we’ll send out your fibre router, and confirm the track and trace info via email. Along with this we’ll let you know what’s happening with the Fibre connection process.

The process for getting Fibre installed for the first time is a bit different to the traditional copper based broadband service. Fibre is delivered through fibre optic cables, which in many cases means a technician will need to come around to your place to install new cables to your property, as well as a fibre box (ONT or Optical Network Terminal). The ONT is the device which converts the fibre signal to an Ethernet signal so you can hook up your router. The ONT, its power cable and the fibre cable belong to your Local Fibre Company or LFC (Chorus, UFF, Enable or NorthPower, depending on where in New Zealand you are).

If you’ve already got Fibre installed at your address, or if someone who lived at your place previously had Fibre we should be able to hook you up in 5-7 working days using the existing ONT – all you’ll need to do is plug in the router when it arrives, and once we’ve confirmed the order has completed you should be ready to jump online!

If Fibre is available in your street but hasn’t yet been installed, we’ll start this process for you. Depending on the situation at your address, consent for your Fibre install may be required. If you’re living in a free-standing property and don’t have a shared driveway, or live on a right-of-way, it’ll be a simple matter of booking the tech visits, and getting it all installed. Depending on where in NZ you are, we’ll either confirm with you via email your scope and install dates, or the local fibre company will phone you to confirm.

If you’re living in a house with a shared driveway, right-of-way or are living in multi-dwelling unit (eg an apartment building) the Fibre install can take a bit longer, as everyone involved will need to give consent. This usually means that consent will be needed from the property owner, as well as any neighbours who share any property the fibre cable will need to cross to get to your place.

In most cases the local fibre company will organise the consent process for your install, and we’ll keep you informed along the way. In some cases you may need to get permission from your landlord or neighbours. If this is the case for your place we’ll confirm this for you via email.

After consent is all sorted, the scoping and install processes can begin. For the scoping visit, a technician will come around to your place to work out the best way to install the fibre cabling. You’ll need to be at home on the day to speak with the tech on what the best option for your install will be.

After the scoping install, technicians may begin the external cabling work at your property, in order to get the cable from the street to your property. You won’t need to be at home for this part of the process.

For the install visit a technician from the local fibre company will visit your property and complete the final parts of your Fibre install. This involves bringing the fibre cable into your house, and into the area where the ONT will be installed. After the ONT has been installed you just need to hook up your router, and you’ll be up and surfing!

If you have any queries on your connection during the process you can either reply to one of our emails, or message us on the HotShot website.

Yep, not a problem! We can offer a second Fibre connection by activating the Secondary Port on your ONT. However, a separate fibre connection with an additional ONT is not offered at this stage.

How long it takes to get connected will depend on which of our plans is available at your place. Existing Fibre connections normally take 5-7 working days to be connected. If you don’t already have Fibre installed at your place, it can take longer – sometimes three months or more.

HotShot broadband is designed for residential customers only. HotShot broadband isn’t a business grade service, but if you’re happy with that, you’re more than welcome to sign up. Just heads up that our terms and conditions don’t cover businesses. We always work to get your connection back up and running ASAP, but we don’t offer business downtime agreements as you’d expect from a business grade service.

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