There’s no fixed term contract on all of our home internet plans. We don’t need to lock you into a contract like the bigger guys do, we know our customers choose to stay with us because they get great service at an even better price.

At HotShot we want to make sure you have the best broadband experience you can get, so we’ll connect you on the best connection type – fibre, if it’s available at your address.

Fibre is the best type of internet connection available in NZ at the moment. It is delivered via fibre optic cable, and offers much higher speeds and reliability than ADSL or VDSL. As Fibre doesn’t use the old copper phone cables, in many cases it’ll require a new cable and ONT to be installed, which we’ll organise and keep you updated on as the connection progresses. HotShot Unlimited Broadband fibre connections start from up to 30Mbps download with 10Mbps upload, all the way up to 900Mbps download and 500Mbps upload.

We don’t offer static IP addresses on HotShot Broadband. All IP addresses on our connections are public, dynamic addresses.

If you require a static IP address on your HotShot Broadband connection, this is not something we can provide support for.

No, we currently don’t put any speed restrictions on HotShot Broadband. You’ve got no data cap and we want you to receive the best possible speed the network can provide!

We don’t offer HotShot email addresses. If you’ve got email with your current ISP and you want to keep the address, you’ll need to get in touch with them to hold onto it. They may charge you a fee to keep it, but make sure you contact them before you switch over in case they cancel it.

Otherwise, there are excellent free email services like Gmail or Outlook, and they’ll work just fine on HotShot too!

‘Naked’ broadband is simply a term that means ‘broadband without a landline’. If you don’t need a landline, and you’d rather not have to pay for one, then HotShot Broadband is for you!

HotShot broadband is naked, so if you had a landline with your previous provider, you’ll lose your landline when you make the switch to HotShot. But, let’s face it, you probably rarely, if ever, used it, right?

HotShot Unlimited is a quality fibre broadband service for people who use lots of data and don’t want to pay through the nose for it! We keep it as simple as possible, so it’s perfect for residential customers who don’t need a landline, and those ones who are not settled for one place to stay!

If you’re after a good price, why wouldn’t you?! HotShot Broadband is unlimited, naked (no landline) broadband that you can get at the best price around. We keep it easy: Fibre only. We simply offer you the fastest connection type that you can get at your place. We also don’t lock you in for contact. You have the choice of leave-anytime, no contract plan, and even better, only 7 business days notice if you wanted to leave.

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