Smart Router Arcadyan VRV9517UWAC34-A-SP

Log into the Gateway:

1. Connect your device to the router (preferably hardwired)

2. Open a Web Browser (Chrome, FIreFox, Safari, Internet Explorer etc)

3. In the web browsers address bar type: and press enter

4. The following screen appears and enter admin for both username and password to login to the management page

5. If the default password does not work and you cannot remember the changed password, you may need to factory reset the router by hushing and holding the inset reset button for 10 seconds.

How to add correct settings for the Hotshot fibre:

1. From the left menu, click Network, select WAN from the top menu and click the Edit button under the Edit PVC.

2. Make sure the WAN type is Ethernet WAN

3. Change the WAN Connection Type to PPPoE

4. Enable WAN, DO NOT tick Service type or PPPoE to PPPoA translation

5. For 802.1q, DISABLED it by select NO

6. Scroll down and find th Account Setting

7. You will need to input PPPoE username and password on this (Upper case sensitive):

8. For the Username: HotShotFibre

9. For the Password: UrDa8est

10. Change the MTU to 1492 or 1500

11. Click Save Settings


Make sure the Summary of your internet setting is exactly the same as the picture below, and now your internet should up and running now, but we still recommend you go to WLAN settings to change your WiFi SSID and Password!


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