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The result of 10 years of pioneering mobile firsts, Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+ introduce the next generation of mobile innovation.  Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+. The next generation of Galaxy has arrived.


The next generation phone designed to not just stand out but to stand apart

Display – The next generation smartphone with the smart screen

Infinity-O Display is the new, truly uninterrupted view.
We’ve minimised distractions for a cinematic viewing experience. The camera has been discreetly tucked away within the display without sacrificing photo quality.
*Default resolution is Full HD+ and can be changed to Quad HD+ in Settings.
*Model and colour availability may depend on country or carrier.

Fingerprint Scanner unlocks your phone with a touch.

Open your phone with a simple, natural move. The Fingerprint Scanner has been moved to the power button, on the side of the phone.

Dynamic AMOLED

Infinity Display perfected from the pixel up.
Lets nothing get in the way of your viewing. Not even the screen you’re viewing it on.
The next generation, Dynamic AMOLED screen is HDR10+ (beta) certified, delivering Dynamic Tone Mapping for amazingly real colour and contrast in each scene – even the dark ones. The brighter screen helps you see it clearly even in bright daylight.2 Paired with stereo speakers and Dolby Atmos, the experience is truly immersive.

Eye Comfort Display engineered to adjust to the light for a better view.

We’ve substantially reduced harmful blue light, without changing the colour of what’s on-screen. Watch or play late into the night with less eye strain for a better night’s sleep.

Style – A seamless experience inside and out

Colours shine bright and defy expectations. Stand out with bold hues done differently. Reach for prismatic colours created by revolutionary nano-laminated film. These innovative colours catch the light in way that’s new and futuristic.

Materials selected for a difference you can feel.

Go for a glossy finish with vibrant, prismatic colours, encased by a polished metal frame. Or check out the durable, sophisticated ceramic finish on Galaxy S10+. All feature sturdy Gorilla Glass 6 to help handle the rigors of everyday life.

*Ceramic version only available for 8GB/512GB and 12GB/1TB Galaxy S10+ models.
*Gorilla Glass 6 only available on Galaxy S10 and S10+ front glass. The rear glass on Galaxy S10 and S10+ and all of Galaxy S10e are made with Gorilla Glass 5.
*Model and colour availability may depend on country or carrier.

Dimension, weight, and screen options to fit your lifestyle.

Available in three sizes, each Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+ is made to be as elegant to hold as it is to see – thanks to a large cinematic display and comfortable, ergonomic grip.
*Weight of glass models only. Ceramic models (not shown) weigh 198g.
*Model and colour availability may depend on country or carrier.

One UI simplifies the way you use your phone.

We’ve completely redesigned our operating system to let you view and use your phone in a way that feels second nature.



Shoot like a pro with a next generation camera.

Epic Shot Camera – Up to five lenses*. No bags

Multi-Camera with Ultra Wide Camera captures what the human eye (and other smartphones) can’t see.
It’s a full kit of lenses in your pocket. There’s a Telephoto Camera (S10, S10+ only) for amazing zoom possibilities, a Wide-angle Camera for everyday moments, and an Ultra Wide Camera for panoramic landscapes.
*Available on Galaxy S10+. 8MP RGB Depth Camera only available on Galaxy S10+. Galaxy S10 has 3 rear cameras and 1 front camera, and Galaxy S10e has 2 rear cameras and 1 front camera.

Camera essentials

Don’t be afraid of the dark with the extraordinary dual aperture camera.
Dual Aperture and Multi-frame Composition bring out the light in the dark.
Shoot like a pro day or night with Dual Aperture providing day to night light control – adjusting and optimising light before you shoot. Plus, the powerful processor automatically combines multiple frames of the same low-light moment into one beautiful shot.
*Dual Aperture supports F1.5 mode and F2.4 mode. Dual Aperture is installed on the rear Wide-angle Camera.

F2.4 aperture mode

For sharp photos in bright daylight.
*Image captured with Galaxy S10+. Feature also available on Galaxy S10 and S10e.

F1.5 aperture mode

Pulls in more light to brighten up low light scenes.
*Image captured with Galaxy S10+. Feature also available on Galaxy S10 and S10e.

Rear camera – Three cameras. Not just Wide, Ultra Wide

Telephoto, Wide-angle, and Ultra Wide Cameras powerful enough to capture your vision.
The powerful, next gen 16MP Ultra Wide Camera lets you fit more in each shot. Combined with the 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras, you can shoot with 2x optical zoom.
*Telephoto Camera available on Galaxy S10 and S10+.
*Images captured with Galaxy S10+. Feature also available on Galaxy S10 and S10e.

Ultra Wide Camera captures the scene as you see it.

The Ultra Wide Camera delivers a 123 degree field of vision – more than the eye can see.1 Ultra wide lens correction means your wide shots won’t be distorted.
*Image captured with Galaxy S10+ with simulated action for illustration purposes. Feature also available on Galaxy S10 and S10e.

Ultra Wide Panorama broadens your perspective.

Shoot wider, taller panoramas with greater perspective using the Ultra Wide Camera.
*Image captured with Galaxy S10+ with simulated action for illustration purposes. Feature also available on Galaxy S10 and S10e.

Front camera – The front camera that out-performs other rear cameras

Front Camera transformed to enhance your selfies.
Experience a front camera that’s packed with features, including 4K UHD recording, and Live focus for artistic selfies.
*Dual front camera only available on Galaxy S10+. Galaxy S10 and S10e have a single front camera.


The Selfie Camera detects faces and focuses quickly for stunning self-portraits in a snap.
*Image captured with Galaxy S10+. Feature also available on Galaxy S10 and S10e.

Live focus

The new dual front camera lets you experiment with depth of field and artistic effects to change the mood of your selfies.
*Image captured with Galaxy S10+. Feature also available on Galaxy S10 and S10e’s single front cameras with varied results due to the difference in technology.

Dual Pixel Sensor

A Dual Pixel Sensor captures shots with precision and clarity, for in-focus selfies that are well-lit, even in low light.
*Image captured with Galaxy S10+. Feature also available on Galaxy S10 and S10e.

4K UHD Video

Capture incredible 4K UHD videos with a front-facing camera for the first time on a Samsung phone.
*Video captured with Galaxy S10+. Feature also available on Galaxy S10 and S10e.

Professional video – Hi-Motion video without the motion sickness

Super steady turns the action into next-level videos.
Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+ record like a pro-level action camera utilizing the Ultra Wide Camera and predictive software. Super steady gives you smooth videos, even when your journey is on the adventurous side.

4K UHD and HDR10+ Recording brings the scene to life.

Shoot incredible footage and play it back with the details you saw in person. With the rich colour and contrast of HDR10+ and Dynamic Tone Mapping, colours stay accurate in each scene.

Super Slow-mo stretches out awe-inspiring moments.

Record more of the action at a real 960 frames per second with HD support.

Intelligent camera – The camera so intelligent it makes each shot worth keeping

Scene Optimizer is your intelligent shortcut to professional-looking photos.
The improved Scene Optimiser is an intelligent photo assistant that does the thinking for you, recognising 30 popular subjects. Local Tone Mapping automatically adjusts your camera settings to the scene to help you capture the best shot available.4 Plus, Flaw Detection alerts you to photo mishaps.5, 6
*Images captured with Galaxy S10+ with simulated overlay for illustration purposes. Feature also available on Galaxy S10 and S10e.
*30 modes available: Face, Baby, Person, Dog, Cat, Food, People, Beaches, Sky, Mountain, Sunset, Sunrise, City, Snow, Waterfall, Watersides, Scenery, Stage, Vehicles, Drinks, Flowers, Trees, Greenery, Animal, Shoes, Backlit, Indoor, Text, Clothes, Night view

Live focus spotlights what matters.

It’s easier than ever to make your subjects stand out. Live focus uses advanced technology to detect people, letting you soften the background and adjust depth of field for beautifully artistic shots. Apply filters, even after you take the shot.
*Images captured with Galaxy S10+. Feature also available on Galaxy S10 and S10e.


Spin Bokeh

Colour Point

Live focus photo captured by Galaxy S10 plus of a woman looking up and to her right, standing against a background of cactuses and a bright blue sky. The background is black and white, but the woman is brightly coloured with the colour point filter.

Shot suggestions offers professional guidance for stunning pictures.

Advanced machine learning guides you to an ideal photo composition.
*Image captured with Galaxy S10+ with simulated overlay for illustration purposes. Feature also available on Galaxy S10 and S10e.

AR Emoji makes your life more animated.

AR Emoji is more expressive than before. All it takes is a selfie to create an emoji that looks just like you and follows your movements.7 Personalise your AR Emoji with an ever-expanding world of clothing and accessories and take your messages to a new level with custom stickers.
*Image created on Galaxy S10+. Feature also available on Galaxy S10 and S10e.

Simple sharing lets you upload with a tap.

Connect to your favourite social media networks directly from the Camera app and share your photo and video masterpieces as soon as they’re ready.
*Images captured with Galaxy S10+. Feature also available on Galaxy S10 and S10e.

Performance – Next generation performance for a generation that can’t wait

Power – The phone that’s ready to go all day, just like you

24-Hour Intelligent Battery to power you all day long.

With up to a 4100mAh battery capacity on Galaxy S10+, you can spend more time living and less time charging.2Galaxy S10 learns your daily routine and usage patterns, powering down apps you don’t need.
Image of a woman laying on a bench at night using the Galaxy S10 plus.
*Available on Galaxy S10+. Galaxy S10 has 3400mAh (typical) and Galaxy S10e has 3100mAh (typical) battery capacity.

Wireless PowerShare gives you the power to share.

We’ve engineered the Galaxy S10 to charge Qi-certified devices and some Samsung wearable devices like the new Galaxy Buds and the Galaxy Watch.3 Simply enable powershare in the settings and place the device on top of your phone – no cables necessary. Use it to power up your friend’s phone, or charge your earbuds on the go.

Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 brings your phone back to life faster.

Thanks to the power of Fast Wireless Charging 2.0, The Galaxy S10 wirelessly charges faster than previous Galaxy phones (when you use a Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad). The charger’s Turbo Cooling Fan means you won’t have to worry about your phone overheating.4, 5

Processor – A processor that’s one step ahead so it won’t slow you down

Advanced AP and RAM for next generation processing power.
Get better performance while using less energy with a more resourceful processor and up to 12GB RAM.6 Even if you’re live broadcasting or playing a graphics-heavy game, your phone runs smoothly.

Memory – Get laptop storage without the laptop

Storage and Expandable Memory keep special moments in easy reach.
Delete when you want to, not because you have to. The Galaxy S10+ boasts internal storage of up to 1TB, plus you can add another 512GB via microSD card for up to 1.5TB of storage space!8
Galaxy S10 plus seen from the front with the Gallery interface shown on screen with 28 photos shown. Behind the phone are more photos being shown and fading into the background to represent being able to store a lot of photos.
*Up to 512GB additional storage with external microSD card for maximum 1.5TB storage capacity available only on Galaxy S10+.


Next generation connectivity that keeps you connected
Intelligent Wi-Fi and LTE connect you quicker to content you love.
Share faster and stay connected even in a crowd – the Intelligent Wi-Fi is faster with Wi-Fi 6 and helps prevent Wi-Fi fraud.9 Out of Wi-Fi range? You can still hit incredible LTE speeds up to 2.0Gbps for less buffering.10

Audio – Perfectly tuned to surround you with sound

Stereo speakers and Dolby Atmos combine for a theatre-like experience.
Immerse yourself in Dolby Atmos enhanced sound with stereo speakers tuned by AKG. Enjoy three-dimensional audio with astounding clarity, rich symmetry, and louder volume that puts you in the middle of your music and movies.11

Gaming – The phone that turns the whole world into a game

Optimized for gaming so you can crush your high score.
Advanced hardware like the vapour chamber cooling system (Galaxy S10+ only) and AI-based performance improvements helps prevent your phone from overheating, as well as a GPU optimised to ensure smooth gameplay. Plus, the long-lasting battery means you can worry less about power mid-game.12
*Image simulated for illustration purposes.
*Vapour chamber cooling system only available on Galaxy S10+. Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10e have an advanced heatpipe cooling system.

Immersive experience takes your games to the next level.

The high-resolution Infinity-O Display and Dolby enhanced game mode deliver realistic picture and better sound compared to the previous generation Galaxy, while Unity game engine optimisation makes your gaming experience feel more powerful.

IP68 – The phone that’s not afraid of water

Water and dust resistant to withstand the elements.
Worry less about your phone, regardless of the environment. The Galaxy S10 features an IP68 rating, to provide a high level of protection against water and dust.

Security – Vault-like security built to let only you in

Samsung Knox protects your privacy at every layer.
Built into the phone’s hardware and software from the start, Samsung Knox protects your phone from the minute it’s turned on. Offering multi-layered security, it helps defend your most sensitive information from malware and malicious threats.

Biometric authentication ramps up security with personalized access.

Pick a method that works for you. Enhanced security via the Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner allows you to access apps securely through Samsung Pass.14 You can also choose Face recognition, a PIN, pattern, or password.
*Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner only available on Galaxy S10 and S10+.
*Fingerprint Scanner GUI simulated for illustration purposes.
*Model and colour availability may depend on country or carrier.

Intelligence – The next generation phone that intelligently adapts to you.

Next level intelligence – The phone that learns your habits to blend seamlessly into your day

Intelligent Performance makes your phone more efficient.

No need to ration your phone usage. Intelligent Performance Enhancer recognises your usage habits, optimising the way you interact with your phone.

Bixby Routines optimises your daily life.

Galaxy S10 adapts to your life, reducing blue light and turning on Night Mode to get your eyes ready for bed. If you fall asleep without charging your phone, it turns off unnecessary functions to help save battery life. It even keeps your phone unlocked and plays music when you get in your car.1 Or you can customise to your needs with My Routine.2

Before bed

Save battery at night


Bixby frees you to focus on what matters most.

Do more with Bixby. Make a phone call or send a text with your Galaxy Buds – all you have to do is call up Bixby. Bixby will recognize your distinct voice and get straight to work.3

Bixby Vision sees the world in ways your eyes can’t.

Get the information you need, faster, with Bixby’s next-level vision intelligence. Simply point your camera at something you want to translate, buy, or eat.4, 5

NPU – A processor that makes ordinary extraordinary

NPU changes how you capture and see the world through your phone.
We’ve made a smarter camera that recognises more scenes with greater accuracy.

Scene Optimiser

Scene Optimiser is more accurate than previous Galaxy models with enhanced ability to recognise objects and scenes.
*Image captured with Galaxy S10+ with simulated overlay for illustration purposes. Feature also available on Galaxy S10 and S10e.

Bixby Vision

Lens Mode in Bixby Vision recognizes what’s in frame, like food or documents, and uses that to make your shopping and searching faster and smarter.
*Image captured with Galaxy S10+ with simulated overlay for illustration purposes. Feature also available on Galaxy S10 and S10e.

Artificial Intelligence

A pro-photographer at your side.
Shot suggestions guides you to take stunning photos.
Bad shots are a thing of the past. Pulling from a library of over 100 million high-quality photos, the Galaxy S10 helps to guide you to compose professional-looking photos.

AR Emoji detects your face to create your digital double.

Galaxy S10 recognises your unique features, transforming them into an emoji with incredible personality. Machine learning helps to track your facial and body movements to bring your AR Emoji to life. 6
*Hover over to see it in action.
*Images captured and created by Galaxy S10+.


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