Netcomm NF4V/NF18ACV

To install the router:

1. Connect Router to power
2. Connect the WAN port on the router to port 1 on your ONT with an Ethernet cable
3. Connect Router to computer (i.e.: PC or laptop) with an Ehternet Cable
4. If you do not have a computer, please connect the router with WiFi. The default WiFi name is listed on the bottom of the router.

To set the router up for either the UFB Starter, Pro or Elite plan

1. Launch your Web Browser (e.g.: Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox).
2. Access the modem settings:
3. Type into the address bar.
4. Press the ENTER key.
The login screen displays. If there is nothing change, please facotry reset your router then try again

5. Login to the modem page:

The Username is admin

The password could be admin, password, or something else. You can refer to the label on the bottom of your router

6. If that Username and Password do not work you should RESET the modem to factory settings (see the instructions below).

7. Click the Log In

The modem’s Dashboard screen displays.

Configure the modem for Hotshot:

1. From the menu on the left, click Advanced Setup.

2. Remove all old WAN services if there are any present.

2.1 Click on WAN service.

2.2 Tick each interface that is present.

2.3 Click remove.

3. Check to see that there are no old ETH interfaces. If there are, remove them with the steps below:

3.1  Click ETH Interface

3.2 Tick the remove box(es)

3.3 Click remove.

4. Add your new ETH interface.

4.1 Click ETH Interface.

4.2 Click the Add button under the ETH interface.

5. Enter the required settings for your new ETH interface.

5.1 Select eth4/eth4.

5.2 Click Apply/Save.

6. Add a new WAN service.

6.1 Click WAN service

6.2 Click Add

7. Select your new ETH interface.

7.1 Select eth4/eth4.

7.2 Click Next.

8. Enter a service name if desired.

8.1 Select PPP over Ethernet.

8.2 Enter Priority -1 and VLAN ID -1.

8.3 Change the service name if desired, or leave on the default and click Next.

9. Enter a PPP username and password.

9.1 Enter a PPP username and password. These can be anything you like, but cannot contain special characters or be left blank.

Set authentication method to AUTO and MTU to 1492.

Your PPPoE Credential is (Upper case sensitive):

Username: HotShotFibre

Password: UrDa8est

9.2 Click Next.

10. Ensure ppp0.1 is in the left column, and click Next.

10.1 Ensure ppp0.1 is in the left column, and click Next.

10.2  Click Save/Reboot

10.3  Click Apply/Save.

10.4 Check your DNS setting(IMPORTANT)

For some Netcomm Wireless router, the factory default DNS settings are not working for New Zealand fibre and must be changed.

10.4.1 Click LAN in the left menu

10.4.2 Change the Primary DNS Server and the Secondary DNS Server and make sure they are same like your LAN IP Address, if your router does not allow you to use the same ip address for both Primary and Secondary DNS server, you could just input for Second DNS Server while keep the Primary DNS Server same as the LAN IP Address

10.4.3 Click Apply/Save

10.4.4 Clik the DNS in the left menu, make sure you do not use any static DNS IP address,then click Apply/Save

11. Reboot your router.

11.1 Click Reboot in the bottom left menu.

11.2 Click the reboot button.

Your router should now restart.

Your router is now configured for Hotshot UFB. After your router has rebooted you should be able to browse the internet.

Resetting the Router

In most situation if you meet a laggy internet or frequent disconnect problem you can solve it by restart the router. But if something goes wrong with your router, you can reset the device to the default Factory settings. You will lose any of your customised settings.

To reset the modem:

Check it is on (i.e.: plugged in with one or more lights lit).

You cannot reset the modem if it is off.

Use something, like a paperclip, to press and hold the Factory Resetbutton, which is in between the plug and the USB port.

Hold for 5 seconds.

Release the Factory Reset

After a few seconds, the modem will start to reset.

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