Before you set up your router, make sure you have performed a factory reset on your router. Ensure the Router is connected from LAN1 on Router to GE1/LAN1 on ONT.(Unless we told you GE1/LAN1 is not the active port)

Logging into the gateway:

1. Ensure your device is connected to the Router (preferably via cable)

2. Open a web browser

3. Type the following in the address bar at the top:

4. Default Username: admin (case sensitive)

5. Default Password: admin (case sensitive)

How to add correct settings:

1. From the menu on the left side select: Advanced

2. From the Advanced settings menu, select: WAN.

The WAN Internet Connection page displays.

Ensure the following settings are changed:

1. WAN Connection Type: PPPoE

2. Enable WAN select: Yes

3. Enable NAT select: Yes

4. Enable UPnP select: Yes

5. Get the WAN IP automatically select: Yes

6. Connect to DNS Server automatically select: Yes

7. PPP Username: HotShotFibre

8. Password: UrDa8est

9. Disconnect after time of inactivity (in seconds): 0

10. MTU: 1492

11. MRU: 1492

12. Service Name: “Leave blank”

13. Access Concentrator Name: “Leave blank”

14. Additional pppd options: “Leave blank”

Leave the Special Requirement from ISP as it is.

15. Click: Apply.

16. Select LAN – IPTV

17. Change the ISP profile to None, make sure VLAN is disabled.

18. Click Save/Apply

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