Are you fibre ready?


First things first, check if fibre’s available at your address.

It’s also worth checking if there is an existing fibre connection at your place from a previous owner. If so, there will be an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) on an internal wall in your home (usually located somewhere discreet). The ONT will look like one of the images below:

Chorus Region:

Enable or UltraFastFibre Region:


*Types of ONT (fibre box) may differ from different regions

Is your ONT’s power cable missing or damaged?

Please do not plug any other power cable into the ONT – this can damage the ONT. If you are missing the power cable, please contact us as soon as possible and we’ll send you a new one.


Check your connections:


  1. POTS are for your telephone. Please ignore as Hotshot do not provide telephone service at this stage.
  2. The broadband service is usually connected to the first GE1or LAN 1.
  3. If there are no lights working check the power plug is properly connected.
  4. Fibre connection.






Setup your connection:

*Please check your modem (router) suits for fibre connection by Google your model type.

*Please ensure your modem (router) is configured before connecting with fibre box and all the parameters meet Hotshot fibre requirement

  1. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the Grey GE1(LAN1) port on the Fibre ONT
  2. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to the WAN port(Ethernet Port) on the modem (router)
  3. Connect the power supply into a main socket and the power cable into the modem(router) power supply socket
  4. Turn on the power of your Modem (router) and wait for the internet connection established


Hotshot does not provide free modem (router). Please feel free to purchase from us, or if you choose to use your own modem (router) please configure it as instructed below:

  1. Google your modem (router) brand and model to find the login IP address for your modem (router).


  1. Log into your modem (router) by entering IP address to your internet browser


  1. Change router operation mode to Fibre working mode if required. Eg: For some TP-Link modem the working mode must be set as wireless router mode.


  1. Change internet connection type (also known as WAN type) to PPPoE, and then enter the correct PPPoE username and password


  • username: HotShotFibre,
  • password: UrDa8est


  1. DisabledVLAN tag. For some modem VLAN are called 802.1Q. Hotshot Fibre does NOT require any VLAN setting so you need to disable any functions related to VLAN, such as VLAN tagging, VLAN ID, VLAN priority etc.



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