Hand-picked Router for UFB100 or UFB30 Plan — Phicomm K2


The hand-picked HotShot Unlimited router for UFB100 or UFB30 plans. Extensive coverage, solid signal, great performance. We have tested many routers on the market for you and Phicomm K2 was the one with the best price/performance ratio.

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Phicomm K2 Wireless High-Speed 2.4G / 5G Dual Band Router 

  • Superfast dual bands (2.4G+5G) high definition, smoother online gameplay
  • External PA+LNA, wider coverage, better performance
  • Four high-gain antennas make the signals more brilliant, super-wide signal coverage
  • The router managed by smart APP is more user-friendly. Intelligent signal adjustment, healthy and energy saving
  • Anti-WIFI squatting, making video and games smoother
  • Compatible with HotShot Unlimited UFB100 or UFB30 plans



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